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This blog has been 24 years in the making. Ever since I was a little red head, I’ve been fascinated with food, fun and healthy living. I believe that every kind of food and drink can be made healthy, fun and most importantly, delicious.
There is a wonderful balance between all the tasty, indulgent, and decadent foods that can also be made wholesome, healthy, and enriching. Being in a kitchen is an absolute adventure and is something that I love. A supermarket is like a vacation. A liquor store an odyssey and a winery is like Disney World.
When I see a basket of fruits, vegetables and seasonings I don’t just see a basket of those things. I see an opportunity to create something magical. I want to share my belief that the planning and preparation of a meal and drinks is the most exciting part of that meal. I want every kitchen to be 3 dimensional and colorful and I want Healthy and Delicious to forever go hand in hand, like peas in a pot pie or cucumbers in a Bloody Mary!

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