Chocolate Marshmallow Crunch Cake

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Simple, fast, and about 50 calories for each! A great little dessert after a meal that is light, and has no fat and is gluten free! The key to this dessert is the fluff. Fluff is a staple in my house and we usually have about 5 spare tubs/jars of it in the pantry. It is a great topper for frozen yogurt or ice cream, or for sandwiches. My personal favorite…I love putting it in oatmeal, especially with some cocoa powder also (see recipe in breakfast). This dessert is so satisfying and guilt free. Make 2 for yourself even and it is less than 100 calories!



1 rice cake (plain, unsalted gluten free)

1-2 Tbsp marshmallow fluff

2 pinches of cocoa powder



Spread fluff onto the rice cake until lightly covered (a little fluff goes a long way). Sprinkle cocoa powder over the rice cake. So simple and delicious!



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