Sweet Potato Noodle Pad Thai

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Veggie noodles has become my new cooking fad. Whether it’s zoodles or spaghetti squash or other squash noodles, I’ve recently tried using sweet potato noodles and I love it! You won’t even miss the traditional rice noodles with this pad thai! The peanut sauce is so light and tasty, and the veggies with the chicken is the perfect filling addition to this one pot meal! The sweet potato noodles don’t only add color, but they add a hearty, and slightly sweet and earthy flavor to this classic thai dish. The best part is that this recipe can be made in about 30 minutes! It is also a healthier version being that the peanut sauce is lighter and there is less oil used overall. A key ingredient that I like to use when cooking Asian and Thai cuisines is sesame oil! It gives the perfect sesame nutty flavor to the ingredients!


Serves 4


3 C sweet potato noodles (or 4 whole sweet potatoes)

2 pounds chicken breasts (cut into chunks)


2 C broccoli (cut into small pieces)

1 C snow peas

1/4 C scallions (chopped)

1/2 C water

3 T sesame oil (or olive oil)

garlic powder


Chopped peanuts and chopped scallions for topping (optional)


For peanut sauce:

4 T natural peanut butter

6 T chicken broth

1 T rice vinegar

1 tsp chili oil

2 tsp sesame oil

2 T gluten free soy sauce

1/2 tsp ground ginger

2 garlic clove, minced



1. If not using pre bought sweet potato noodles, peel skin from all potatoes and then use spiralizer to create medium-thick noodles.

2. Cut up broccoli into small pieces.

3. Dice chicken into 1-inch cubes and then sprinkle garlic powder and pepper lightly. Set aside.

4. For peanut sauce, combine all ingredients into medium bowl and then whisk well until completely combined (it may take a few minutes until the ingredients create a smooth texture). Set aside.

5. Heat 2 T sesame oil in large sauce pan. Then add chicken and sauté on medium high heat until completely cooked through, about 5 minutes. Set aside in bowl.

6. Heat remaining tablespoon of sesame oil in same pan. Add in broccoli, snow peas and scallions and stir for about 2 minutes on medium heat.

7. Then add in sweet potato noodles and stir for about 5 minutes. Add in water and continue to stir for about 3 minutes. Once sweet potato noodles are at desired texture (I like a little crunchy), then add back in chicken and peanut sauce and stir well.

8. Serve in bowls and top with remaining scallions and chopped peanuts if desired. Enjoy!

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