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This picture is one of the first mojitos I’ve ever made. May I say, I have loved them ever since. It is hard for me to order them out at a bar or restaurant because I love the way I make them. I have found that when I order them out they tend to be very sweet. I am not a fan of really sweet drinks, and a traditional mojito is not a sweet drink. The nice thing about making drinks at home is you can make it to your liking! One of the most important utensils that you need to make this drink is a muddler. A muddler is a must-have in the kitchen for many purposes other than making drinks. The muddler is by far my favorite kitchen utensil. The older muddlers are wooden, but I have a metal one which I love as seen below.

This mojito is a blackberry mojito. I have a blackberry bush in my backyard so I get fresh blackberrys around July/August that I love to use in my food and drinks! I have also made watermelon mojitos or regular. You can use most any type of berry, watermelon or fresh mango to flavor them. Some people use flavored rums for flavor, I like to stick with traditional Bacardi white rum, and add my flavor with the fresh fruit for a fresher taste.

Blackberry Mojito
Blackberry Mojito


10-12 mint leaves

3 wedges of lime


1/8 C fresh fruit

1.5 ounces Bacardi white rum

8 ounces Seltzer

2 tsp sugar/artificial sweetener/simple syrup (more to taste)



1. Wash the mint leaves and put in a glass (high ball glass recommended) and muddle with a lime wedge until the juices from the mint are released

2. Add 2 more lime wedges and muddle. Add the fruit and muddle.

3. Fill the glass with ice cubes

4. Add the rum followed by the seltzer

5. Stir and then add the sugar to taste.

Blackberry Mojitos
Blackberry Mojitos
Watermelon Mojitos
Watermelon Mojitos

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  1. From an an Avowed Mojito Muddler as well as an even more accredited Mojito drinker….
    Keep muddling RedH.


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