Plum Punch

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This punch is simple and easy and can be made either red style or white style. The white style is made with sugar plums and the red is made with red plums. The plums are tart and sweet while providing antioxidant phytonutrients. It is a nice alternate beverage to a sangria when plums are in season and it’s easy to make!




1 white sugar plum or red plum (ripened)

1 oz Leblon Cachaca (Brazilian rum)

2.5 oz peach schnapps

1.5 oz white or red wine

4-5 oz sprite

Splash of mango juice/nectar

Ice cubes

**for extra sweetness add 1/2 tbsp simple syrup or more Peach Schnapps



  1. Muddle the plum in a shaker glass
  2. Add in all ingredients and fill the shaker with ice and shake
  3. Pour in a glass and put a splash of sprite on top and serve with the shaker ice



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