Healthy Hot Chocolate

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What better way to enjoy the cold winter weather than with a cup of hot cocoa!? But wipe away the guilt because this hot chocolate takes 5 minutes to make and is a healthier version of this decadent drink. I chose almond milk as the base but you can use any non-dairy milk that you prefer, or skim or low fat milk. With the cocoa powder, vanilla, and sweetener you get the same rich chocolatey tastes of traditional hot chocolate. Try making some today!

Makes one cup


3/4 C unsweetened almond milk (if use sweetened then do not add additional sugar)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 T unsweetened cocoa powder

2 packet stevia (artificial sweetener of choice)

whipped cream (optional)

*If you use vanilla flavored almond milk then add only 1/2 tsp vanilla

*If making a large batch, heat in medium saucepan until cocoa powder is dissolved and mixture is hot.


  1. Combine all ingredients into mug
  2. Mix as best you can until cocoa powder is slightly dissolvedfullsizerender-2
  3. Microwave for 1 minute on high power
  4. Stir well
  5. Microwave for another 30 seconds on highfullsizerender-1
  6. Top with whipped cream if desired.

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